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Vaude Arco 2P

The VauDe Arco 2 Person Tent is a roomy 3-season simply constructed tunnel tent for two people that will become your home from home. Under the flysheet you have a well ventilated and spacious sleeping area and an equally large vestibule for storing your gear and giving it some protection from the elements. Vent openings...View more

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Vaude Arco 3P Tent

Within the Arco XT 3P, the large inner room provides ample sleeping space with enough room for trekking gear, packs and other vital outdoor equipment, all of which can easily be ventilated in the ridge.  The design of the Arco XT 3P is perfect for trekking tours, offering the best possible space utilisation with low...View more

Vaude Drive Van Tent Awning

The Drive Van Tent Awning from Vaude is specially designed for rear and side docking onto vans and transporters. It is easy to set up free-standing and features high wind stability when the additional guylines are used. A variety of clever ventilation options ensure a pleasant microclimate, even when cooking. Thanks to the adjustable connectors,...View more

Vaude Low Chapel L 2P tent

The Low Chapel L 2P Tent from Vaude is For those who like sleeping perpendicular to the entrance: lightweight, very roomy 3-season tent with steep walls and 2 entrances for trekkers and backpackers who want more comfort. Self-standing even without extra guylines. Very fast and easy to pitch, even in rain, thanks to the pre-attached...View more

Vaude Mark L 2P tent

A lightweight, 3 season tent for trekkers and backpackers, Vaude’s Mark L 2P tent is fast and easy to pitch in all conditions thanks to mark-wrap construction and a pre-attached inner tent that completely simplifies the process. Using high quality DAC poles, Vaude are able to create a free standing structure that is simple and...View more

Vaude Power Lizard SUL 1-2P tent

Vaude’s Power Lizard packs lots of comfort with little weight. Designed for all weathers with stormproof fabric, double walled insulation and extra ventilation, it packs a punch and looks straight into the eye of adverse weather. Internally, three different materials work in unison to create an optimal microclimate for comfort with mosquito meshing that can...View more

Vaude Taurus 2P

The VauDe Taurus 2 Person Tent is the perfect introductory three season tent that will have you all greared up and ready to go for you trips into the wilderness whether you are on foot or on a bike. Split between two people there’s just over a kilo each to carry which is going to...View more

Vaude Taurus UL 2P Tent

Perfectly snug for two people, the Taurus UL 2P features a forward dome construction, optimising space and weight with a low foot area and head area at sitting height, keeping things low, close and reducing the surface area exposed to winds in bad conditions.  The Taurus UL 2P ensures optimal ventilation inside thanks to three different...View more

Vaude Terra Hogan 2P Tent

With a drawn forward dome design, the Terrahogan 2P Tent provides a comfortable sleeping area to rest after a long day of true hiking. The sheltered front porch area also stores bags and boots, keeping them away from the sleeping area and covered against adverse weather.  The fly fabric with a hexagonal ripstop design is...View more

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Vaude Terraquattro 3P

With a simple 1 door design, Vaude’s Terraquattro 3P Tent saves on weight and space while delivering a comfortable area for three people to easily rest after a long day on the trail with plenty of headroom and large front opening for entry.  The fly fabric with a hexagonal ripstop design is tough and ready...View more

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