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Rab 4-6 Person Shelter

In difficult conditions, stopping to treat an injury or for a rest break can put your group at risk. Rab’s 4-6 person shelter is an excellent way to get your group under cover to keep dry and share body heat. As well as being fully waterproof and windproof, the edges of this shelter tuck under...View more

RAB 8-10 Person Shelter

Large groups travelling in the hills should consider taking a shelter with them. With space for 8 to 10 people, this large shelter offers vital wind and waterproof protection should your group have to stop due to injury or for a rest stop in bad weather. Easy to unpack from its stuff sack, the Rab...View more

Rab Alpine Bivi

There are places where you just can’t take a tent, but that rarely puts off dedicated adventurers. The Alpine Bivi from Rab is available for just the occasion. Using reliable, eVent fabric, it provides you and your sleeping bag with the wind and waterproofing to see you through nights in difficult terrain. Whether you’re bivi...View more

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Rab Andes Bivi

Rab Andes Bivi – YellowView more

Rab Ascent 500

Designed specifically for regular outdoor use, the Rab® Ascent 500 is the ideal choice for a first high quality down sleeping bag. Keep snug in European duck down, Pertex fabrics and a comfortable wide mummy fit. Perfect for a weekend hike orView more

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Rab Ascent 700 Sleeping Bag

Rab’s Ascent range of sleeping bags are duck down filled performance sleeping bags created for regular outdoors use whether you’re on a camping trip or hiking in the mountains.Designed in a semi-rectangular shape, great for those who don’t like tView more

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Rab Ascent 900

Rab’s Ascent range of sleeping bags are duck down filled performance sleeping bags designed for regular use – the Ascent 900 is the warmest, built for use in colder climates.Made using durable and lightweight Pertex Microlight fabrics, they giveView more

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Rab Ascent Bivi

Designed for larger sleeping bags, the Ascent Bivi offers reliable water and wind protection for nights out in the hills. The Ascent uses eVent waterproofing for its reliability and high breathability which reduces condensation build-up within the bag. The bivi bag offers a super-lightweight alternative to packing a tent and is perfect for minimalist adventures....View more

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Rab Element 2 Shelter

Basic weather protection for two fast and light travellers with a minimalist design that sets up with two trekking poles.The ultralight 30 denier silicone impregnated Cordura fabric is waterproof and incredibly strong, and the minimalist design sets up using 2 trekking poles. 2 guyline points provide additional stability in strong winds, 2 mesh vents and...View more

Rab Group Shelter 2

Taking shelter from the wind and rain can be essential in cases of injury or in dangerous conditions. This two person shelter is a lightweight and packable option to protect you in the hills. Truly simple to erect, it requires no poles, though walking poles can be used for extra bracing thanks to the recess...View more