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HyperLamina Spark Sleeping Bag

The HyperLamina Spark Long Sleeping Bag from Mountain Hardwear has been engineered to provide you with a lightweight but super warm sleeping bag for all your adventure needs. Packed with features that promote heat retention including a half length centre zip, a face gasket and Lamina welded construction this bag will be your go to...View more

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Mountain Hardwear Space Station

The Mountain Hardwear Space Station Tent is perfect as the hub of any basecamp on alpine and high-altitude expeditions. This iconic dome tent provides standing room for 20+ persons, making it an ideal dining hall or communications center. The domed shape minimizes wind load and the heavy gauge material and poles provide strength and durability.View more

Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Flame Sleeping Bag

The HyperLamina Flame is a superlative sleeping bag, engineered to be one of the lightest and warmest synthetic bags on the market. Mountain Hardwear’s Lamina construction sees the Thermal.Q insulation welded to the shell and lining, to eliminate the cold spots caused by traditional stitching. With a performance mummy cut and zoned insulation, thermal efficiency...View more

Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Flame

Warm, durable and compressible, the women’s specific Laminina Z Flame is a synthetic sleeping bag that’s brilliant for backpacking trips in the UK. The zoned Thermal.Q insulation gives extra warmth across core areas while reducing bulk elsewhere. Comfortable to sleep in and easy to compress, it’s a practical piece that’s sure to impress.View more

Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Spark Sleeping Bag

A superb choice for UK camping across the warmer months, the Lamina Z Spark is a synthetic sleeping bag that can handle mixed conditions with ease. Warm, water-resistant, durable and compressible, it’s got what you need for a good night’s sleep.View more

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Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Torch Sleeping Bag

Mountain Hardwear’s unique Lamina construction maximizes the loft of your insulation, eliminates cold spots and thermally maps insulation to areas you need the most warmth. By strategically placing insulation, the Lamina Z Torch Sleeping Bag Long is able to concentrate warmth where you need it most, around your core and feet. The comfort mummy fit...View more

Mountain Hardwear Laminina Z Flame Sleeping Bag – Women´s

The Women’s Laminina Z Flame Sleeping Bag Long from Mountain Hardwear is a great option for camping and backpacking largely thanks to the ThermalQ insulation. It compresses well into a tiny package when on the move but also maintains excellent loft when you need it to keep you warm. It is lightweight to ensure an...View more

Mountain Hardwear Shifter 4 tent

Mountain Hardwear have created a backpacking and camping tent for 4 that lets you choose different configurations to meet changing conditions. The versatile Shifter 4 Tent features an innovative 50/50 design of solid canopy and breathable mesh. How you pitch it and how you configure the fly lets you choose privacy or wide–open vistas, more...View more

Mountain Hardwear Trango 3 tent

A stunning three-person expedition tent, capable of withstanding the severest of conditions in the remotest of places.Proven and dependable, the basic layout of the Trango 3 has been unchanged for about 20 years. As new ideas and materials develop though, Mountain Hardwear make sure they update it to keep performance as good as it can...View more