Freedom Trail

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Freedom Trail Sendero 8XL Carpet

The Freedom Trail Sendero 8XL Carpet gives you insulation from the cold ground under your tent, making it feel more like a home from home inside. Waterproof backing Dimensions: 210cm x 220cm Weight: 7.3kg Size when packed: 48cmView more

Freedom Trail Sendero 8XL Tent

Great for a festival or a quick weekend getaway, the Freedom Trail Sendero 8XL is a large, easily-pitched tent with two bedrooms at each side of a spacious central chamber.Its versatile design means it’s great for up to 8 campers, orView more

Freedom Trail Shadow 250 Tent

Perfect for festivals or quick weekend camping trips, the Freedom Trail Shadow 250 is a simple tent for two that gives you comfortable shelter in a compact package.Its straightforward tunnel design means it’s easy to pitch and it makes theView more

Freedom Trail Slumber Aluminium Camp Bed

The Freedom Trail Slumber Aluminium Camp Bed will ensure a comfortable place to sleep – great to come back to after a long day of hiking or relax on after hours sat in holiday traffic.Made from durable PVC coated polyester, with a lightweight aluView more

Freedom Trail Toco LX 4

Two large bedrooms, separated by a spacious central entrance hall, provide enough room for two couples with room to spare for your gear.The non-steel pole design makes it light to transport, and quick to pitch.View more

Freedom Trail Universal Tent Carpet

Made from polyester fleece with a waterproof PVC backing, the Freedom Trail Universal Tent Carpet will add a touch of home comfort to any tent.Insulate your tent floor from the cold ground underneath, and enjoy the sensation of barefoot comfort iView more