Since their launch, Berghaus air tents have become a common sight on British campsites with their two tone blue distinctive look. In this article we take a look at 10 reasons to buy a Berghaus Air 6 tent which is the 6 person version. It will of course give extra living room four families of 4 or 5 people.

Berghaus Air 6 inflatable tent

1 Inflatable technology
The Berghaus Air tent 6 is easy to erect and take down. Simply remove the tent from the bag, stake out the ground sheet and blow up the air beams with the pump supplied. It is a lot simpler than putting together lots of cumbersome poles that are found in traditional tents.

2 Sensible pricing
It is easy to pay over £1,000 for a 6 berth inflatable tent. The Berghaus Air 6 can commonly be bought for around £500 even though the quality of the tent is quite high. Check below to see the latest vouche8r codes and special offers from leading stores that stock Berghaus air tents such as Blacks and Millets.

3 Two separate bedrooms
The Air 6 tent has a central living area with a bedroom at each end. This offers a bit more privacy than bedrooms

4 Fully weatherproof
The tent fabric has a hydrostatic head of 6000 millimetres. This is a measure of how much force of water is needed to make the tent leak. In layman’s terms, this means it is very waterproof. The seams on the Berghaus Air 6 tent are all sealed. When the sun comes out mesh doors and sure that creepy crawlies don’t get in the tent

5 Great headroom
This is a tall tunnel tent and means that there is plenty of space to stand up in the living area and some extent the bedrooms. This really matters when you are camping for more than a few days.

6 Extra features
The Air 6 tent has a host of finishing touches such as cable routes, a rain hood above the side door and storage pockets in each bedroom and living area.

7 Sleep well
The bedrooms in the Berghaus Air 6 tent are darkened to help prevent you being woken by early morning sunshine. Curtains are supplied and controlled with toggles.

8 Roll away carry bag
Large inflatable tents are quite heavy. In the Berghaus Air 6 case it weighs 26.5 kg. The supplied carrying bag has wheels to allow you to get it to the car easily. Remember that you won’t have any bulky and heavy holes to transport.

9 Replacement air tubes
The Berghaus Air 6 tent is supplied with robust TPU  air poles. These should stand up to many years of use, but if you do have a disaster replacement beams are easily available

10 Berghaus Air Porch
You can extend the tent by adding the Berghaus Air Porch which retails around £200 this offers a bit of extra space for toys, boots, coats and kitchen paraphernalia as well as a dry entry space when it is raining.